PHP-Laravel Development

Why Laravel development?

Laravel is the most recent framework of PHP. Website development with Laravel framework is way easier, trendy and cost-effective. It is also possible to build a website with raw PHP. But it will surely be time-consuming and costly. In term of elegance, Laravel framework works better than the raw PHP. Website development with Laravel framework is obviously more costly than WordPress development. But in term of website speed, it is like a flash. It is also possible to develop a website as per your desire by Laravel development. So, looking for a Laravel developer rather than a PHP developer in Bangladesh will eventually worth you.  we suggest clients develop to their site with Laravel framework rather than raw PHP. Laravel is regarded as one of the fastest and secured development framework today. That’s why it’s popularity is increasing day by day. We value our client’s time & budget. That’s why holding the title of the best laravel developer in Bangladesh, we have adopted Laravel for web application development. Is it still complex to you? If yes, we are free to give you consultancy.

Our Laravel developers

Curating the best laravel developers in Bangladesh, Monoputo has made the strongest arsenal of PHP – laravel developers in Bangladesh. Capable to turn out each and every logic into action, our php laravel developers can build anything whatever you want. The array includes a head of developers under which there are several php and laravel developers work which makes a well-balanced hierarchy. Their hand of coding is unmetered. As they are experienced, they know the right way to perfectly execute a project. So far we have built several products through laravel like. It’s not the end, we have also built a robust and comprehensive ERP system through Laravel. All these milestones are developed by our laravel developers. Beside our laravel developers, we have so many talents working with us who give them all types of assistance

Reason to choose us

Monoputo  is equipped with a team of highly experienced Laravel developers. Our Laravel developers are experienced and professional. Apart from our Laravel developers, we have also dedicated designer, marketer, planner. We have served more than 500 clients so far. Our developers have experience of serving multiple clients around the globe with diverse and complex web applications. We are strong at:

  • Custom tailored software development with PHP Laravel framework;

  • Website development with Laravel;

  • Laravel Application & RestFull API Development;

  • Migration to Laravel;

  • Upgrade of Laravel applications;

  • Integration of Laravel apps with external API;

  • Custom Laravel Development: SaaS, eCommerce and more;

  • Laravel testing, support, maintenance and consulting



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