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Why would you register a domain in Bangladesh


Representing your own country is a matter of pride to everyone. Everyone in Bangladesh wants to be a successful person in their own field. Domain registration in Bangladesh can bring you the honor to represent your own business in front of the whole world. If you successfully accomplish flamboyant finishing on your website that can grab customers, that would not only be just a success tool for you but also for the entire country. So, don’t wait longer and grab your domain registration service in Bangladesh right now.

In this digital world, you can sustain the economy with high results of business sales by making your own website. The first initial stage is to get your domain registration in Bangladesh. Represent the pride and sovereignty of your country by getting your country domain registration in Bangladesh.


Pricing for domain registration in Bangladesh


Domain 1st year (BDT) Renewal Price/ Per Year (BDT) Privacy
.com 1000 1000 Yes
.org 1200 1200 Yes
.net 1200 1200 Yes
.info 1200 1200 Yes 1500 1500 Yes 1500 1500 Yes 1500 1500 Yes
.biz 1200 1300 Yes
.pro 1200 1300 Yes
.xyz 500 1500 Yes
.store 700 5000 Yes
.global 2200 6000 Yes
.co 1200 2400 Yes
.asia 1500 1500 Yes

Check your domain now


Check your domain’s status whether it is available or not. If it is available then you can purchase it by making us a call or email. We will activate it with your hosting. You need not worry about it as because it’s our responsibility. In this way, our clients get an easy experience of domain registration in Bangladesh. From us, you can expect an easy and simple domain registration in Bangladesh. So check your domain, if it is available then order it to purchase.

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